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How does a Community Library work?

The Wendover Community Library is operated in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council Library Services.

Residents use the Wendover Community Library in the same way and on the same lending terms as any Buckinghamshire County Library.  Existing library membership cards are still valid.

Library members will continue to use the County Library central reservation systems and continue to be linked into a wider library network with access to 6 million books in 200 libraries across the South East.

The Wendover Community Library is staffed by a professional Library Manager, Susan Morton, and Customer Service Officer, Carol Enciso.

The library staff are assisted by a team of trained, local volunteers.


Who Manages the Community Library? 

The site and building are owned by Bucks.County Council (BCC)

The Professional Staff are employed by BCC

The Library management is overseen by a Joint Management Committee (JMC) with equal representation from BCC and the Wendover Community Library Trust (WCLT).

WCLT is comprised of volunteers drawn from the local community.

WCLT must maintain a substantial pool of volunteers willing to commit to working in the library alongside the professional staff.

WCLT will also seek to raise funds to maintain staff levels and to enable the development of a wider range of activities.

The adopted policies of WCLT can be downloaded from the link below. 

To learn more about the Wendover Community Library please use the "Contact Us" link on the left side panel  


Library Manager

Susan Morton

Carol Enciso

 Customer Service Officer

 Carol Enciso


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