Long Crendon Community Library is now run by a team of volunteers. If you are interested in joining the team, we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps take a few minutes to read the information below, then get in touch. 

To date, we have sixty five volunteers at the library, who come from all walks of life. 

 We have retired head teachers, housewives, an Oxford professor, farmers' wives, an engineer, a broadcast journalist, a portrait artist, a trauma nurse and a published crime writer, to name but a few. Many are either retired or semi-retired, but several still work full time and juggle their library time with other commitments, either because they value the service so much, or because they enjoy the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. Some of our volunteers don't even live in the village! 

If you decide to join us, then after a short one-to-one training session with an experienced volunteer, and an e-learning package to complete at home, you will become part of our very friendly team and start working a shift that suits your other commitments. We are open for three-hour sessions, six times a week and just ask for a minimum of one session a month. Most people prefer to do a session a week or a fortnight. 

Most of our volunteers work behind the counter, but we also need people to help with cleaning, coffee mornings and our children's events. We need help, on an ongoing basis, with fundraising and publicity.


You do not need any particular computer skills, and you certainly don't need a knowledge of books, although a love of them will help. Everyone is welcome, and we are sure we can find a role to suit everybody.

You can pick up a volunteer form at the library.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering?


Volunteering encourages greater social activity and helps to engage local communities and bring people together. Whilst people volunteer to give something back to their community, volunteering can also be a great experience for the volunteer who benefits from increasing confidence, acquiring new skills and developing friendships. Volunteering also offers the opportunity to gain CV enhancing skills and experience. 

Volunteering can make significant differences to the lives of individuals and to the community.

To the individual

·       Development of skills and experience

·       Enhanced CV and employment opportunities

·       Personal development, such as self confidence

·       Expression of values: eg. acting to help those less fortunate

·       Improved health and mental wellbeing

·       A sense of pride and achievement

·       Respect and responsibility

To the community

·       Stronger community cohesion

·       Increase in health, reducing the impact on the NHS

·       Reduced crime rates

·       Improved community engagement

·       Stronger connections between people and place