News & Events

Regular Events: 

Bounce & Rhyme: every Wednesday from 11-11.30. 

Coffee Morning: first Wednesday of every month from 10-12.30. Home made cake and coffee for just 50p each 

PJ Friday: the last Friday of every month from 5.30-6pm

Computer tuition: one to one tuition on Friday afternoons. Ask in the library to book your session 

Veg bag delivery: see below for more details


Bucksum Veg Bags!

Veg Bags from Bucksum Farm Shop are available from the Library

Veg bag options are as follows:

£5   basic bag- potatoes, onions, carrots + 2 seasonal veg

£10 family bag – potatoes, onions, carrots, a 100g bag of our Award winning salad + at least 2 seasonal veg

£5   single persons bag- smaller quantities of a greater range of seasonal veg + a 50g bag of salad

Bucksam are great supporters of our library and this is a brilliant way to get your locally grown veg without having to drive out to the farm shop........and you can change your library books and buy your film tickets at the same time.


Library Film Club 
The Library is equipped with state of the art vision and sound equipment to make viewing a pleasure. Keep an eye on the Film Club website or notices in the Library for details of forthcoming presentations.
You can pop into the Library to join and/or purchase tickets, but do access the Film Club's own website for more information and trailers of up-coming films.


If you prefer to reserve tickets on-line, then you can do so via their own e-mail address:

Please note that it is advisable to book your tickets well in advance:

One:  some films sell out very quickly so you risk missing out if you leave booking too late.

Two: the Film Club has to make a decision several days in advance on whether or not to go ahead with a screening  - if too few people have booked then the decision to cancel may be made. This is due to the costs involved in screening.



The Crendon Crafters are busy at home and in their gardens over the summer but will be back in action in the library on alternate Tuesday afternoons during the winter months. They are always pleased to welcome newcomers so bring along your handiwork and enjoy some like-minded company. Dates of meetings are on the noticeboard outside the Library. 


New Books Arriving every week!
Lots of new books are arriving in the Library every week, so come and browse the New Books stand. (See 'Books' section in the menu).



The Library as a venue:

If you are organising a meeting or event, do consider using the library as a venue. Our rates are extremely reasonable, not to say competitive. We have facilities for brewing tea and coffee, a fridge to chill your wine, an alcohol licence, a wonderful ambience and great projection equipment.

Phone Mary Palmer (01844 201995) for details.